Bluamoeba is a creative agency focusing on activations for brands spanning all verticals. We offer farm fresh ideas packaged into captivating stories to help brands connect instantly with their desired audience.


What qualifies as a good story? A story well told can make us laugh, cry, swell with pride, or rise with resentment. A story poorly told can be not just dull or scratchy, but positively painful to experience. At Bluamoeba, great stories with finesse form part of our corporate culture.

Bluamoeba is your single window integrated marketing services agency that creates and delivers engaging and profitable brand experiences through innovative marketing strategies for B2B and B2C environments.

We plan, develop and deliver a range of brand services encompassing the entire marketing spectrum, aligned to your marketing objectives and larger business goals.

We shape captivating stories using a mix of traditional (ATL & BTL), digital and emerging new communication platforms, helping build meaningful, profitable and lasting relationships between brands and their consumers along the way.

How we do it
By combining the power of persuasive communication, the rationality of deep-seated insights and clear emphasis on talking to the right audiences at the right time, we help brands garner greater mindshare, build lasting relationships and find impactful results – all while consistently meeting marketing objectives

Where we can partner you
Think of us as your extended marketing team. Helping you plan greater brand stories and bringing them to life in whole new ways. While we pride ourselves in offering innovative integrated marketing campaigns that use the best mix of existing and emerging channels that best tell a story, we also offer farm fresh ideas in print, digital and experiential including events, promos and exhibitions. From strategy to planning to finding audiences to designing communication to executing plans on the ground, we are your end-to-end partners for all your marketing and brand related needs.

Creating stories that people would love to remember
We design our Ideas to not only cut through the clutter, but more importantly strike a chord with the people we are talking to. Through stories that are set in the worlds of the people we speak to. Stories which give them the reassurance they seek and feel one with. Stories that stir emotions in ways they will simply love to remember and recall time and again.

What’s in the mix
Backed by a passionate team brimming with an exciting mix of youth and experience, we simply enjoy doing what we do and have just the right mix to fashion your next big brand story.